ALBUM | “Learn On The Fly” @REALThaPoet @Jideas11


Taking a break and retooling your style and sound is nothing that an artist should be ashamed of. To be honest, I wish more artists would do this because we’re being swamped with content on a daily basis that some of it falls through the cracks. Sometimes an artist will go dark and then come back sounding better than ever which is a testament to their study and work skills. Many people don’t realize that not everyone can rap well and that it does in fact take practice. Kentucky’s R.E.A.L. Tha Poet took some time off and has returned today with his new album Learn On The Fly.

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AUDIO | “Found My Faith In Omaha” @JamesGardin


Finding yourself is a journey in itself. I always say that I had no clue who I was until I was in college and that I learned more about life lessons there than I actually did from studying books and passing tests. Everyone has that moment where they want to find their faith or they want to figure out who they really are as a person. Soul searching is good for everyone, including James Gardin. He details finding his faith on “Found My Faith In Omaha” today.

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EP | “BLOW.” @Tonio2Timez @iAmTheFatz


Concept projects are tricky to pull off sometimes. For starters, you have to have something that the listener finds interesting in order to grab their attention. Then you have to find the perfect type of production and sequencing to pull it off. If you can do that, then you have a great idea that’s able to come to life. Hip-hop is synonymous for loving movies about moving drugs; whether an artist can relate to that or not is only for them to know I guess. Indianapolis’ Bug$y teams up with DJ/producer DJ Fatz to tell us a short story from the perspective of himself and George Jung from the movie Blow on his appropriately titled Blow.

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ALBUM | “Dystopia’s Offspring” @BlueNovember @BANYRecords


Artists and creative people use life experiences as inspiration for their music and art, respectively. That song about getting over your ex that you’ve played 100 times in a row? Probably inspired by a real life situation even if most of the lyrics were changed just to sound good in a melody. It’s a gift and also a curse because it can leave you cynical or make you get to a point that you only get into situations just so you can create art/music about them. Some artists use this as a release though, which is what Blue November did for his new Dystopia’s Offspring.

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AUDIO | “On My Soul” @Spokendopeness @LilFrvr


Artists experimenting is nothing new in hip-hop. This has been going on for quite some time but it allows an artist more creative freedom and for them to step outside of the box. They’re able to explore new sounds and new flows thanks to different melodies and blending genres. Washington’s Sunny D. Light dropped his first project in April of this year and has returned with some new sounds on “On My Soul” today.

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EP | “Nothing New” @DylanI423


Tennessee is such an amazing place for music. The hip-hop scene continues to grow and many artists are starting to gain national attention for their bars, including TUTIsaiah Rashad, and more. Myze is another name that you should look out for but today we’re focusing on newcomer Dylan Ireland and his Nothing New EP.

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