#JHMF Saturday Selection 9/24/16


This week felt good for the site. The Indie Artist Advice video that I did on Periscope last week eclipsed 500 views and the one from last night is sitting around 100 already. For me, that’s a big milestone because I just started these not too long ago. There won’t be one this Friday as I’m flying back to Indiana to see my family but I’ll be sure to keep these going when I get back. Until then, you can watch both of those at the links above and get ready to enjoy some great indie hip-hop that was posted on the site this week.

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VIDEO | “Where We Live” @TaiyamoDenku @BIGTWINSQB @UrbanLegend1980


Let’s take it back to when hip-hop was sounding like boom-bap drums and hard hitting lyrics. With all of the mumble rapping and sub-genre’s of hip-hop that are coming out it’s nice to get some music that goes back to its roots. Milwaukee’s Taiyamo Denku takes us on that trip today as he gives us a tour on “Where We Live” with Urban Legend Big Twins of Infamous Mobb.

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VIDEO | “Hate Me Now” @TheRealOSparks @RadioSyheem


When I first got into hip-hop it was such a great era. Roc-A-Fella was taking off and instantly one of my favorite labels. They were like the ’96 Bulls when it came to talent to me at that age. Jay was on fire, Cam’ron was killing it, Juelz Santana was supposed to have next, Beanie Sigel was dope, and Freeway was underrated. Those are just the notable names on the Roc too, not to mention Memphis Bleek. Then you had State Property who were all dope in their own right. To be honest I haven’t heard anything from SP in a long time until I saw Radio Syheem say he was directing the new video for Omillio Sparks’ new mixtape release. Well, here we are.

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MIX | “Commercial Break: The Best Of @TrayPizzy” @DJDaveDolla


New York is beginning to make waves again and it’s fun to see some of the artists who are making noise in that scene. The best way to get familiar with an artist on the rise? Team up with a DJ to have them mix all of your records. DJ Dave Dolla links with Tray Pizzy for his new Commercial Break project. Sidenote: Pizzy has someone stealing his style and it’s been documented on video. I saw it on Twitter today and it’s crazy to see a person steal another man’s whole style to try and become famous.

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AUDIO | “Feel Like The Devil Really Want You Dead?” @Willie_Withers


There are days where things just don’t go your way. Maybe you hit every red light on the way to work then once you get there you spill coffee on your clothes. From there you just can’t do anything right and you feel like there’s an other worldly power that’s doing these things to you. You’re not alone in that feeling because there are days where the universe is out to get you. If you believe in heaven and hell then you know that angels and demons are fighting over our souls even when we’re sleeping. Sometimes it can feel like the devil really wants you dead as Willie Withers explains on his latest single.

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AUDIO | “Wanna Be A N***a” @AdamReverie @JxhnScxtt



The United States is messed up right now. Well, I don’t know if I should say right now or just messed up. As long as I can remember there has been a race issue in this country and nothing is being done about it. Systematic racism is a thing and it’s stupid. Do you know how ignorant it is to discriminate against people because of their skin color? White people steal culture for their own benefit and throw those they steal it from to the side. I feel guilty when I dab or say “it’s lit” because I wonder if I’m enabling and saying it’s ok to steal these things by doing it. There are too many people profiting off of black culture and it’s not going to change until something happens within the system. Adam Reverie recorded this song two years ago and felt today was the proper time to release it.

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