#JHMF Saturday Selection 7/30/16


Guys. Guys…guys…guys!! We’ve made it. This is the last weekend of the year without some sort of football happening! NFL season is right around the corner so if you’re not a Dallas Cowboys fan then you better start…eh, who am I kidding? I’m in for another mediocre season as a fan like I have been the past 20 years. I wish nothing but bad things on all of your teams and hope you don’t prosper in fantasy football either. Hatehatehatehate!

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EP | “Young Fel” @FellyTheKid

Felly Young Fel

It can take an artist so long to find their own lane and sound. Remember hearing Wiz Khalifa rapping over EDM beats in like 2007? Then you heard a more polished sound coming from him just two years later on Kush & OJ. Artists are progressively working to get better so something you hear now and think is their best work yet might be bad when you compare it to their future. After dropping five projects and nine beat tapes over the chorus of his young career, Felly seems to have found his lane with his new Young Fel project.

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AUDIO | “The Story Of A King” @FliBoiMV


We see kings as miserable, big, fat white people in the movies and television. Often times that’s what they were in the early centuries but there are also the Kings that came from Africa as well. Everybody wants to be a king now days and few manage to gain that title after working hard and putting in the time and effort. Mikey Vegaz knows that he’s meant to be a king and tells us his story on the new “The Story Of A King” with Dominique Soundz.

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EP | “The Singles” @ShadeCobain @ill_tone1


The Michigan hip-hop scene is one that’s always going to bring you lyrical hip-hop. You almost come to expect it since most of the notable artists from there are great with the lyrics. Mix gritty 90’s sounding beats with those lyrics and you get a new project from Blacktivity titled The Singles EP.

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AUDIO | “I’m Sayin’ Tho” @SheIsBaeGod @Sbvce


Genre bending is becoming the norm in the hip-hop world anymore. You have singers who give us bars for verses then you have rappers who want to sing. The line between what is hip-hop and what is R&B is so blurred that nobody can really tell anymore Doesn’t matter though because there’s a lot of fire music coming from it. “I’m Sayin’ Tho” from Baegod and Sbvce tackles this line blurring and makes a memorable track from it.

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AUDIO | “Camry’s” @TiaYesMore


When you hear music from California you’re used to hearing a couple of styles, hyphy and gangster stuff. TDE have done a good job of switching that up as did Dom Kennedy but for the most part, hyphy and G music is what runs California. The Bay is most notably known for the hyphy sound so when you hear something different coming from that area it’s a nice surprise. Meet Tia Nomore and her new hard hitting “Camry’s” track.

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