Revolutionary Ultraviolette F77 Electric Motorcycle with Unmatched Range Lands in Europe!

The electrifying realm of motorcycles is about to be shaken up as the Indian startup Ultraviolette introduces its record-breaking F77 electric motorcycle to Europe, boasting aerospace-quality engineering and unparalleled autonomy.

  • The F77, Ultraviolette’s first zero-emission motorcycle, set to conquer European roads in Q2 2024.
  • Equipped with cutting-edge technology offering up to 191 miles of range on a single charge.
  • Features peak power of up to 41 hp and a torque of up to 74 lb-ft, pushing boundaries of electric motorcycle performance.
  • Limited Space Edition model sold out in just 90 seconds, highlighting the unprecedented excitement around this launch.

Introducing Ultraviolette and the F77

Ultraviolette Automotive, an Indian startup, is disrupting the electric motorcycle scene with its debut model, the F77. Launched in India in 2022, the F77 combines a sporty and modern design with impressive specifications, appealing to even the most skeptical motorcyclists. Its successful market performance in India has set the stage for an ambitious global expansion, starting with Europe in the second quarter of 2024.

European Debut on the Horizon

While the specific launch details and targeted European markets are still under wraps, Ultraviolette’s planned introduction of the F77 to Europe is a significant milestone. This move is part of Phase 3 in Ultraviolette’s strategy, prioritizing Europe over other major markets like North America and Asia. The F77’s arrival is eagerly awaited, promising to bring a new level of electric performance to the continent’s motorcycle enthusiasts.

Performance and Range: The Heart of F77

The F77’s performance specs are a testament to Ultraviolette’s innovation. The base model, F77 Original, boasts 36 hp and 63 lb-ft of torque, with top speeds of 87 mph and impressive acceleration times. The F77 Recon and F77 Space Edition elevate these figures even further, showcasing the potential of electric powertrains in delivering exhilarating riding experiences. With battery capacities up to 10.3 kWh, the F77 models offer ranges up to 191 miles, although these figures are based on the Indian driving cycle and may vary under European testing standards.

Charging and Pricing: Accessibility Meets Innovation

Ultraviolette emphasizes ease of use with the F77, offering reasonable charging times and the option for a fast charger that significantly speeds up the process. The pricing strategy for the Indian market positions the F77 as an accessible yet premium offering, with the Space Edition representing the pinnacle of the lineup with aerospace-grade materials and a tribute to India’s space exploration achievements. Although prices are expected to rise with the European launch due to additional costs, the value proposition remains compelling.

Record-Breaking Autonomy and International Acclaim

The F77 isn’t just about impressive specs; it’s a proven record-setter. In 2023, an F77 rider covered over 4,174 miles across India, setting records for the longest distance traveled on an electric motorcycle in such a short time. This feat, coupled with international awards and recognition, underscores the F77’s potential to revolutionize the electric motorcycle market in Europe and beyond.

The Ultraviolette F77 is poised to make a significant impact in Europe, challenging conventional perceptions of electric motorcycles with its blend of style, performance, and sustainability. As the countdown to its arrival continues, the motorcycle community awaits with bated breath to witness the dawn of a new era in electric mobility, led by the pioneering spirit of Ultraviolette.