Unveiling the Unexpected: Discover Harley-Davidson’s Surprising Product Lineup!

Unveiling the Unexpected: Discover Harley-Davidson’s Surprising Product Lineup!

Think you know everything Harley-Davidson has to offer? Think again! Dive into the lesser-known side of this legendary American brand.

  • The iconic motorcycle maker’s foray into electric balance bikes for kids.
  • A toolkit specifically crafted for Pan America 1250 models and other branded tools.
  • Outdoor gear essentials, including tents and coolers, designed with that timeless Harley spirit.
  • Motorcycle sunglasses meeting ANSI Z87 safety standards and fashionable everyday eyewear.
  • Not just for bikers: a range of sneakers from Harley-Davidson Footwear for everyday style.

Harley-Davidson’s electric innovation for kids

When we think of Harley-Davidson, roaring engines and the open road might come to mind. Yet, this company surprises us with its innovative electric balance bikes tailored for children. These pedal-less bikes are not merely toys; they’re sophisticated machines that echo the quality of their full-sized counterparts. Prices may seem steep, ranging from approximately 800 to 2,600 dollars, but they promise an unparalleled riding experience for your little ones, complete with rechargeable batteries and advanced features. Investing in one means gifting your child not just a bike but a piece of the much-coveted Harley legend.

Essential tools for the Harley aficionado

Harley-Davidson‘s commitment to riders doesn’t end at motorcycles. Their range of tools includes a specialized toolkit for Pan America 1250 models – complete with all the necessities like locking pliers and various wrenches – ensuring that owners have everything they need at hand. On top of that, their online store boasts an array of tools such as air compressors and belt tension testers. While some items may be ‘Harley-Davidson branded’, implying they might not be directly manufactured by the company, they are nonetheless expected to meet the brand’s high-quality standards.

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The great outdoors Harley-style

Riding a Harley often goes hand-in-hand with a love for adventure and the great outdoors. Recognizing this, Harley-Davidson has developed a line of outdoor gear that perfectly complements their bikes’ aesthetic. From tents to coolers, these products are infused with the brand’s distinctive style – think classic colors and logos – while being engineered for convenience on long rides or camping trips. The practicality is evident in items like the compact yet spacious Dome Tent, which fits neatly into a small bag despite its generous size once set up.

Eyewear designed with rider protection in mind

Beyond aesthetics, Harley-Davidson’s eyewear collection is about protection first and foremost. Their motorcycle sunglasses are engineered to fit snugly against the face, safeguarding riders from wind, dust, insects – anything that could pose a risk while on the move. Models like HADRA01 not only boast stylish design but also meet rigorous safety standards (ANSI Z87). And if you’re not hitting the road but still want to rock the Harley vibe, they’ve got you covered with everyday eyewear options like classic aviators available at accessible price points.

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Fashion-forward footwear from Harley-Davidson

The name Harley-Davidson may conjure images of rugged boots fit for riding, but their fashion footprint extends further with a sleek line of sneakers suitable for casual wear. From bold black and orange designs to trendy women’s styles rated highly for comfort – these sneakers embody Harley’s signature flair off the bike as well. Given their extensive clothing line including jackets and hoodies, one could indeed live in true Harley style every day!

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