Discover the Breathtaking Skyline Parkway: The Ultimate Motorcycle Adventure in Duluth, MN!

Embark on a motorcycle journey along Duluth’s Skyline Parkway for an unforgettable experience with stunning views and historic paths.

  • Explore the scenic beauty of Dulith from high above on Skyline Parkway.
  • Ride through historic Seven Bridges Road with its captivating waterfalls and arch bridges.
  • Visit the renowned Aerostich factory and rev up your riding gear.
  • Experience the natural wonders of Hawk Ridge Nature Reserve and witness raptor migrations.

The allure of skyline parkway

Riding along Skyline Parkway is not just about the journey; it’s about the rich tapestry of nature, history, and engineering that unfolds before you. This scenic byway takes you several hundred feet above downtown Duluth, offering spectacular views of both the cityscape and Lake Superior’s vast expanse. Whether you’re a seasoned rider or a curious traveler, this parkway promises an experience that resonates with freedom and discovery.

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The charm of seven bridges road

The storied Seven Bridges Road, over a century old, runs parallel to Amity Creek. Its accompanying series of waterfalls plunge 400 vertical feet, creating a ride like no other. Each crossing unveils another bridge more picturesque than the last, culminating in a sequence of stone arches that are not only marvels to behold but also masterpieces of civil engineering from decades past.

Aerostich: A motorcyclist’s haven

A visit to Duluth is incomplete without stopping by the Aerostich RiderWearhouse. Known for its premium motorcycle suits and gear, Aerostich provides riders with both protection and style. A tour through their factory reveals meticulous craftsmanship and perhaps even a chance to upgrade your riding apparel with something both weatherproof and windproof – essential for those unpredictable rides through Duluth’s varying climate.

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Nature’s spectacle at hawk ridge nature reserve

The gravel paths leading into Hawk Ridge Nature Reserve mark a shift from urban landscapes to serene natural beauty. As riders travel through this area, they can indulge in hiking or pause at the observatory to watch majestic birds soar during migration seasons. The transformation from pavement to trail enhances the sense of adventure that comes with motorcycle exploration.

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