Revolutionize Your Ride: Harley-Davidson’s New Airbag Vest is a Game-Changer for Biker Safety!

Unleashing the Future of Motorcycle Safety

Redefining rider protection, Harley-Davidson introduces a groundbreaking Smart Vest featuring Dainese’s advanced airbag technology.

  • Innovative airbag system designed specifically for motorcyclists
  • High-tech sensor-driven deployment for collision protection
  • Dual gender-specific design with comfort and style in mind
  • Available for purchase, enhancing safety without compromising the ride

Motoring enthusiasts and safety connoisseurs alike, welcome to the next level of motorcycle protection. With decades of experience in rider safety, Harley-Davidson, in collaboration with Dainese, launches the Smart Vest, an airbag-equipped vest engineered to safeguard riders with unparalleled technology.

The science behind the shield

The cutting-edge D-air system, deemed “the most advanced protection ever for motorcycle riders,” deploys its airbags when imminent danger is detected by its swift sensors. This rapid response mechanism operates at a staggering rate of 1,000 checks per second to assess potential impacts.

The deployment covers crucial areas like the chest and back, integrating seamlessly with the rider’s helmet to create a protective barrier. While not impervious to all harm, this system significantly reduces injury risks during accidents.

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The heart of the Smart Vest

At the core of the vest’s functionality are two gas generators and a USB-rechargeable battery with up to 26 hours of charge. The airbag system remains in standby mode until it senses bike vibrations or speeds over 6.2 mph, ensuring it won’t activate unnecessarily.

An indicator light on the left chest and vibration alerts notify riders when the vest is primed and ready, providing peace of mind on every journey.

Designed for all riders

Emphasizing inclusivity, Harley-Davidson offers this innovative vest in sizes ranging from S to 2XL for men and XS to 2XL for women. Each vest showcases a sleek black cowhide leather shell with strategic perforations for cooling and flexibility.

Both men’s and women’s vests come equipped with practical features such as zippered handwarmer pockets and 3M Scotchlite Black Carbon reflective material, along with distinctive Harley-Davidson branding.

Pricing and availability

Riders can invest in their safety by purchasing these vests at an accessible price point of $850 each. The Smart Vests are now available, combining state-of-the-art safety features with Harley-Davidson’s legendary style.

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Taking rider security to new heights

This revolutionary product marks a significant step forward in motorcycle apparel innovation. It underscores both companies’ commitment to rider safety without sacrificing the freedom and exhilaration that comes with hitting the open road on two wheels.

A smart investment in riding gear

The integration of Dainese’s D-air technology into Harley-Davidson’s Smart Vest represents not just an advancement in motorcycle gear but also a smart investment for any serious rider prioritizing their well-being while cruising on their beloved bikes.

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