Biktrix Unleashes a Powerhouse: The 2,300W Full-Suspension Electric Mountain Bike

For those seeking the ultimate off-road e-biking experience, Biktrix introduces the Juggernaut FS XD, a full-suspension electric mountain bike that defies conventional power limits with its 2,300W motor and dual-chain drive system.

  • Introducing the Biktrix Juggernaut FS XD, equipped with a groundbreaking 2,300W custom-built mid-drive motor.
  • Features a unique dual drivetrain, designed to handle the immense power output, ensuring reliability and high performance.
  • Powered by a 52V 17Ah battery, offering an estimated range of 40 miles on pedal assist, with rapid recharging capabilities.
  • Equipped with heavy-duty components, including hydraulic brakes, SRAM NX 11-speed transmission, and multiple tire and suspension options.

Redefining Electric Mountain Biking

Biktrix’s Juggernaut FS XD stands at the forefront of electric mountain bike (eMTB) innovation, offering riders a full-suspension experience with unprecedented power. Moving beyond the standard 750W motors found in existing eMTBs, the Juggernaut FS XD promises to deliver the thrills of high-powered off-road biking with the balanced handling and agility of a traditional mountain bike.

The Heart of the Beast: A Custom-Built Motor

At the core of the Juggernaut FS XD’s exceptional performance is its custom-built mid-drive motor, meticulously designed in-house by Biktrix. This motor not only elevates the bike’s power beyond the 2,000-watt mark but also maintains a balanced distribution of weight, crucial for preserving the mountain bike’s natural handling characteristics.

Dual Drivetrain: A Novel Approach to Power Management

To accommodate the extraordinary power output, Biktrix introduced a second drivetrain system specifically for the motor’s force. This innovative setup channels power to the rear wheel through a more robust chain and sprocket on the bike’s left side, ensuring durability and reliability even under extreme conditions.

Power Meets Endurance

Supporting this behemoth’s energy needs is a substantial 52V 17Ah battery, boasting 910 Wh of capacity. This ensures riders can enjoy extended off-road adventures without the worry of a premature end due to battery depletion. Despite its formidable power, the Juggernaut FS XD offers an intuitive and responsive pedaling experience, thanks to its torque sensor pedal assist system.

Built to Last

The Juggernaut FS XD’s rugged design is complemented by top-tier components tailored for heavy-duty use. From its dual-piston hydraulic brakes to a variety of tire and suspension options, every aspect of the bike is engineered for durability and performance. The inclusion of multiple fork options, from the Biktrix Inverted Air Fork to the Wren Inverted Air Fork with varying travel distances, allows riders to customize their ride to match their off-roading intensity.

A New Era of E-MTB Performance

With an introductory price of $4,499 after launch discounts, the Biktrix Juggernaut FS XD is not just a testament to eMTB innovation but also an invitation to riders seeking unparalleled power and performance. As the electric mountain biking landscape evolves, bikes like the Juggernaut FS XD are leading the charge, offering experiences once thought impossible on electric platforms.