LiveWire Unveils S2 Mulholland: The First Electric Cruiser Motorcycle by Harley-Davidson’s Spinoff

The electric revolution hits the open road with LiveWire’s latest innovation: the S2 Mulholland, the first electric cruiser motorcycle from Harley-Davidson’s electric motorcycle spinoff. Shattering conventions with its performance-focused design, the S2 Mulholland redefines the cruiser experience for the modern rider.

  • LiveWire, Harley-Davidson’s all-electric motorcycle brand, launches the S2 Mulholland, the first electric cruiser by a major motorcycle maker.
  • The S2 Mulholland breaks away from traditional cruiser aesthetics, offering a “performance cruiser” experience with a 0-60 mph time of just 3.3 seconds.
  • Featuring the Arrow platform for a structural battery design, it emphasizes sustainability with minimal use of petroleum-based plastics and the incorporation of hemp bio-composites.
  • The S2 Mulholland is available in North America with a price tag of US $15,999 and CAD $21,999, with plans to expand to international markets in 2025.

Revolutionizing the Cruiser Concept

The introduction of the S2 Mulholland marks a significant departure from the chrome and leather that have long defined the cruiser genre. Instead, LiveWire presents a bike that blends the laid-back geometry of a cruiser with the agility and power of a performance motorcycle. The design reimagines traditional motorcycle profiles, influenced by advancements in electric propulsion and a commitment to sustainability.

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Innovative Design and Sustainable Materials

Utilizing the Arrow platform, the S2 Mulholland not only shares its structural battery concept with the S2 Del Mar but also introduces sustainable materials into its construction. The shift towards minimizing petroleum-based plastics and the use of hemp bio-composites and recyclable silicone in the seat showcase LiveWire’s dedication to reducing environmental impact. This approach represents a forward-thinking strategy in motorcycle design, emphasizing eco-friendliness without sacrificing performance or aesthetics.

Enhanced Performance and Efficiency

With a 10.5 kWh battery offering a city range of 121 miles and a quick 78-minute recharge time on Level 2 charging, the S2 Mulholland sets a new standard for electric cruisers. Its 62 kW motor not only ensures a spirited ride but also hints at improved efficiency over its predecessor, the S2 Del Mar. This combination of performance and practicality signifies a major leap forward in electric motorcycle technology.

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Customization and Accessories

LiveWire’s commitment to providing a personalized riding experience is evident in the wide array of accessories and customization options available for the S2 Mulholland. From passenger seats and pegs to windscreens and luggage solutions, riders can tailor their bikes to suit their lifestyle and preferences, further enhancing the unique appeal of this groundbreaking cruiser.

The Future of Electric Cruising

The launch of the S2 Mulholland by LiveWire is more than just the introduction of another electric motorcycle; it’s a bold statement on the future of cruising. With its innovative design, commitment to sustainability, and impressive performance, the S2 Mulholland paves the way for a new era of motorcycle culture—one where electric power and environmental consciousness ride hand in hand.