Is the CFMoto 700CL-X Sport Redefining the Motorcycle Game?

Discover how CFMoto’s 700CL-X Sport is shaking up the motorcycle industry with its stunning design and competitive features at a jaw-dropping price.

  • CFMoto’s rise in the motorcycle market with the 700CL-X Sport
  • Comparing engine performance and features with top competitors
  • Breaking down the pros and cons of this affordable yet powerful bike
  • Why this motorcycle might be a game-changer for new riders in the US

The rise of CFMoto in the US market

The name CFMoto might not ring as familiar as Honda or Yamaha, but it’s rapidly becoming a buzzword among bike enthusiasts in America. With its roots in Hangzhou, China, CFMoto has been making significant strides in diversifying its product offerings, particularly in motorcycles. Their latest offering, the 700CL-X Sport, is drawing attention for its impressive specs that rival established names like Kawasaki.

The 700CL-X Sport is powered by a 693cc liquid-cooled parallel twin engine, producing a robust 74 horsepower and 50.2 pound-feet of torque. This puts it on par with popular models such as the Kawasaki Ninja Z650. It doesn’t stop there; premium features like Brembo brakes, KYB suspension, and an eye-catching aesthetic sweeten the deal even more.

The challenge of overcoming stereotypes

One hurdle that CFMoto faces is the stereotype associated with Chinese-manufactured bikes. However, CFMoto USA, operating out of Minnesota – known as the “land of 10,000 lakes” – is on a mission to upend these preconceptions by delivering quality bikes at competitive prices. Since their American debut, they’ve introduced an array of models designed to offer features akin to their pricier counterparts but at much more accessible price points.

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Beyond borders: International experience counts

Entering a new market like the United States comes with challenges, particularly when it concerns refinement and tuning to suit local preferences. Luckily for American riders, CFMoto’s motorcycles have been tested on international roads for years. Models like the 700CL-X Sport have benefited from continual improvements overseas before hitting stateside streets, resulting in more polished machines ready for discerning riders.

An unbeatable price point?

The 700CL-X Sport stands out not just for its specifications but also for its pricing. At an MSRP of $7,399, it’s positioned as one of CFMoto’s more premium options without breaking the bank compared to high-end models from other brands that can soar upwards of $19,000 to $52,000.

This aggressive pricing strategy may lead some consumers to question the bike’s quality or capabilities. Yet those who have gotten behind its handlebars report a surprisingly capable machine that belies its modest cost – a sentiment echoed by recent sales data showing a notable worldwide increase in purchases.

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A closer look: Features comparison

The LCD instrument cluster on the 700CL-X Sport is straightforward yet functional; however, it may seem basic against competitors like Kawasaki’s Ninja Z650 which flaunts a larger TFT screen with richer color display and smartphone integration – albeit at a higher starting price point.

  • Larger TFT screen on competitors’ models provides enhanced user experience.

In contrast, what you get with CFMoto is an appealing blend of performance-ready hardware and customizable ride presets between ECO and Sport modes without overcomplicating things.

  • Ride modes allow adaptation between fuel efficiency and performance demands.

A balanced choice for new riders

The cable-operated transmission along with its slipper clutch may not be hydraulic like some might expect but has been reported to deliver smooth gear changes that are friendly even to novice motorcyclists. The combination of approachability and affordability makes the 700CL-X Sport an enticing option for those new to riding or looking for value without sacrificing quality or enjoyment.

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