Unleash the Speed: Buell’s Top 10 Quickest Motorcycles Uncovered!

Feel the rush of American engineering as we unveil the quickest Buell Motorcycles ever to scorch the asphalt!

  • Discover Buell’s legacy and their breathtaking comeback with a new line-up.
  • From beginner-friendly Blasts to the adrenaline-pumping XBRR, explore the diverse range of speeds.
  • Immerse yourself in detailed insights on each top-speed contender, including design quirks and performance specs.
  • Learn why owning a piece of Buell’s high-speed legacy is more than just riding—it’s a collector’s dream.

The revival of an icon

Buell Motorcycles, once deemed defunct, has re-emerged like a phoenix from the ashes. Known for its distinctive take on bike design and performance, Buell carved out a unique niche in the motorcycle world. The brand was synonymous with American ingenuity, sporting prowess, and cutting-edge engineering. Its founder, Erik Buell, took his experience from Harley-Davidson and infused it with a revolutionary vision that led to the creation of motorcycles that were not just fast but also visually striking and technologically innovative.

A pivotal moment came when Harley-Davidson saw potential in Buell’s vision and acquired a stake in 1993. From then until its initial cessation in 2009, Buell continued to craft machines that pushed boundaries. Fast forward to today, and fans were thrilled by the unveiling of an all-new Super Cruiser prototype at Daytona Bike Week in 2024. With anticipation building around their upcoming models—from agile sports bikes to rugged adventure tourers—Buell is poised to make a triumphant return to the forefront of motorcycle excellence.

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The underdog with bite: Buell Blast

The Buell Blast is often overlooked due to its modest top speed of 98 mph. But don’t let its ranking as number ten fool you; this bike packs enough punch to zip through city streets with ease. It features an air-cooled single-cylinder engine that delivers excellent gas mileage (64 mpg city/73 mpg highway) and boasts a lightweight frame for nimble handling. Despite its simplicity, it includes interesting touches such as Surlyn body panels—the same material used for golf ball exteriors—allowing minor scratches to be buffed out effortlessly.

While it may not break speed records, the Blast remains an ideal choice for beginners seeking an affordable yet spirited ride.

The S1 Lightning: American muscle meets European flair

The Buell S1 Lightning offers an invigorating experience with its 124 mph top speed and sharp handling thanks to its lightweight aluminum frame. This bike screams individuality with its minimalistic design featuring a single headlight and clean lines. However, comfort does take a back seat during extended rides, which is something potential riders should consider.

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Daringly different: Buell XB9S

Clocking in at 130 mph, the Buell XB9S blends sportiness with comfort—a rare combination in high-powered bikes. Its V-twin engine provides ample power without overwhelming newer riders, while its innovative design features like a fuel tank doubling as part of the frame give it an avant-garde aesthetic. Nonetheless, some practical drawbacks such as fuel pump issues need attention.

The unconventional X1 Lightning

The Buell X1 Lightning breaks away from traditional cruiser designs with its unique suspension setup lowering the center of gravity significantly for enhanced maneuverability despite being equipped with Harley’s classic Sportster engine. It may not offer silky-smooth power delivery or supreme comfort over long distances; however, it still earns respect for its agility and distinct aesthetic appeal.

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