Rev Up Your Ride: Top Harley-Davidson Gear for the Ultimate Motorcycle Experience!

Discover the essential Harley-Davidson motorcycle accessories that combine style, function, and hardcore durability to elevate your riding game.

  • Explore must-have accessories with high user ratings and practical benefits.
  • Enhance comfort and security with top-notch Harley-Davidson gear.
  • Find out why heated grips, covers, and security kits are game-changers for bikers.
  • Learn how to make savvy investments in accessories for a smoother ride.

The allure of Harley-Davidson motorcycles

Harley-Davidson motorcycles are some of the most recognizable and iconic motorbikes on the road. The legendary brand is known for its outlaw image and feelings of freedom and individuality that Harley bikes instill within fans around the world. With a long history of producing powerful engines to match the motorcycles’ beastly looks, Harley-Davidson has developed a devoted following of fans and enthusiasts who swear by the brand.

Yes — Harley bikes are incredibly powerful, boasting even their first electric motorcycle model. However, the main appeal of these beefy motorcycles lies in their classic outlaw look and robust, melodious engines — not necessarily their high-tech features. But fear not, tech lovers! Despite Harleys typically lacking in advanced technological offerings straight off the assembly line, the manufacturer provides an extensive selection of optional add-ons and accessories that owners can use to customize their bikes for improved comfort, security, and utility.

Kahuna heated hand grips

If you’ve ever ridden a motorcycle, you’re likely familiar with how much your hands can suffer while speeding down highways. From pebbles and road debris to insects, wind, rain or sleet—there’s plenty battering your hands. Even with gloves on, chilly winds at 70+ mph can penetrate through. To counteract this discomfort, one might consider installing guards on handlebars. But what if you want to avoid turning your sleek hog into something resembling a dirt bike?

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The solution? Kahuna Heated Hand Grips from Harley-Davidson offer comfort without compromising on style. Designed with a military-grade resistor that adjusts temperature based on ambient conditions, these grips feature durable rubber for enhanced grip without needing glue or permanent bike modifications. They’re user-friendly too—turning on and off automatically with your bike’s ignition switch and including individual control knobs free from extra installations or electronics.

Indoor/outdoor motorcycle cover

Motorcycles have a small footprint both on the road and when parked. However, leaving your motorcycle exposed outdoors opens it up to potential damage from weather conditions. The Indoor/Outdoor Motorcycle Cover, designed specifically for Harley’s Touring and Freewheeler™ models, offers protection while sporting a large Harley badge for added style. Crafted from durable polyester with water-resistant capabilities thanks to taped seams, this cover also features heat-resistant panels to prevent exhaust damage after riding—combining functionality with aesthetic appeal.

Security siren kit

Besides weather elements, motorcycles are vulnerable to theft due to their open design. While chains and wheel locks offer some level of security, they cannot match the peace of mind provided by an enclosed car equipped with a factory security system. Enter the Security Siren Kit. Compatible with various Harley models from 2002 onwards, this plug-and-play accessory works alongside existing factory systems to emit a loud alarm when tampering occurs—providing an additional layer of safety for riders concerned about potential thefts.

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Cruise control kit

Cruise control is often missing from older motorcycles as well as some modern ones—a feature largely reserved for cars or touring bikes. For those who wish long highway rides could be just a bit more relaxing without having constant throttle management worries—the Cruise Control Kit. This accessory allows riders to install an electronic cruise control system into their bike’s existing computer software without splicing wires—a luxury upgrade that can make all the difference during extended travel times.

Passenger backrest pad

Riding with passengers often means sacrificing comfort unless you equip your motorcycle appropriately. A passenger behind you might need superhuman balance skills while you contend with additional weight distribution issues—an uncomfortable scenario indeed! With Harley’s Passenger Backrest Pad, however—not only does it provide ergonomic support covered in durable vinyl material but it also enhances safety measures by ensuring better passenger stability during rides.

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