Discover the Electrifying Surge of Easy-Watts 2024 Scooters and Motorbikes!

Easy-Watts rolls out an impressive fleet of electric scooters and motorcycles for 2024, capturing the spotlight with its expanded and dynamic range at the two-wheeler show in Lyon. Dive into the future of urban mobility with these sleek, powerful, and eco-friendly rides.

  • Introducing the robust e-Scape One and the enhanced e-Trax Air Evolution, alongside the sleek e-Coral scooter.
  • Launching a versatile cargo version of the Opai and a vintage-styled e-Retro scooter.
  • Expanding into the electric motorcycle realm with the powerful RW and SW series, plus the entry-level Motopai and high-speed CW3.
  • Setting new benchmarks in electric mobility with improved power, speed, and range across the board.

Easy-Watts: gearing up for 2024

As the electric mobility sector accelerates, Easy-Watts steps up its game by unveiling a significant expansion of its electric scooter and motorcycle lineup for 2024. This move is not just about quantity; it represents a substantial leap towards innovation, performance, and environmental sustainability. The two-wheeler show in Lyon became the stage for this exciting revelation, showcasing nearly a dozen new models that promise to redefine urban commuting.

Spotlight on the e-Scape One: the rugged maxi scooter

The e-Scape One emerges as a trailblazer with its rugged aesthetics reminiscent of the e-Trail Bolide. Though the complete specifications remain under wraps, this electric maxi scooter boasts a 6 kW motor, reaching speeds up to 68 mph and offering a range of 50 to 62 miles on a single charge. Its launch price is set at approximately $8,800, marking it as a premium option in the electric scooter segment.

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e-Trax Air Evolution: soaring to new heights

  • Introduced earlier this year, the e-Trax Air now welcomes a more potent sibling, the Evolution variant.
  • Featuring a 7 kW motor, it pushes the speed limit to 75 mph, with a battery capacity of 8.26 kWh ensuring a range of 62 to 93 miles.
  • Priced at approximately $8,260, this model elevates the electric scooter experience without relying on government incentives.

e-Coral: sleek, agile, and ready to navigate the urban jungle

The e-Coral stands out with its 16-inch wheels and a 4 kW motor, cruising at speeds up to 56 mph. Dual 2.16 kWh batteries power it, achieving a commendable range of 47 to 59 miles. With a launch price of around $5,180, it offers a balance of performance and affordability in the electric scooter market.

Expanding the family: Opai goes cargo, and e-Retro goes classic

Innovating beyond traditional models, Easy-Watts introduces a cargo variant of the Opai scooter and revitalizes the classic scooter look with the e-Retro. These additions underscore the brand’s commitment to versatility and style, catering to a wider range of consumer needs and preferences.

The electric motorcycle revolution: Easy-Watts charges forward

The electric motorcycle segment witnesses a significant boost with Easy-Watts’ ambitious lineup for 2024. Showcasing five new models at the Lyon two-wheeler show, the brand makes a bold statement in both design and performance.

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The RW series: where elegance meets power

  • The RW3, with its 3 kW rear-wheel motor and 4.32 kWh battery, offers a top speed of 56 mph and a starting price of approximately $4,840.
  • For those craving more power, the RW6 boasts a 6 kW motor, reaching speeds up to 68 mph, available from around $7,160.

The SW series: embracing the sporty spirit

The SW series caters to the sportier side of electric motorcycling, with the SW5000 and SW8000 models leading the charge. These bikes not only offer exhilarating speeds of up to 80 mph but also come with robust batteries ensuring ranges that can flexibly adapt to various riding conditions.

Into the dirt: the electric motocross debut

The Motopai and CW3 models mark Easy-Watts’ adventurous entry into the electric motocross arena. From beginners to speed enthusiasts, these bikes offer a spectrum of power and speed, highlighting the brand’s dedication to innovation and the thrill of riding.

With its 2024 lineup, Easy-Watts not only broadens its electric mobility offerings but also reinforces its position as a trailblazer in the industry. By merging cutting-edge technology with user-centric design, Easy-Watts is set to accelerate the transition to a more sustainable, efficient, and exhilarating mode of transportation.