Discover the Nerva EXE II: The Electric Maxi-Scooter Set to Outshine the BMW CE 04

An electrifying revelation is upon us with the unveiling of the Nerva EXE II, a powerhouse electric maxi-scooter designed to rival the esteemed BMW CE 04. Boasting enhanced performance capabilities, this latest iteration of the Nerva EXE promises a ride that’s both thrilling and efficient.

  • Peak power upgrade from 16 hp to 25.5 hp, pushing the maximum speed to 81 mph.
  • Battery capacity increased to 7.83 kWh, offering a theoretical range of up to 112 miles.
  • Fast charging capability now at 3.3 kW, allowing a full charge in approximately 2 hours and 40 minutes.
  • Equipped with cutting-edge features such as an 8.8-inch OLED dashboard, keyless start, ABS, and remote diagnostic system.


The electric vehicle landscape is witnessing a monumental shift with the introduction of the Nerva EXE II, a formidable contender in the electric maxi-scooter segment. Building on the success of its predecessor, the Nerva EXE, the latest model elevates performance to new heights. The journey towards electrification in the two-wheeled world is gaining momentum, and the Nerva EXE II is at the forefront, challenging the dominance of traditional giants like the BMW CE 04.

Performance enhancements

The core of the Nerva EXE II’s appeal lies in its impressive power upgrade. Transitioning from a peak power of 16 hp to an astounding 25.5 hp, it commands the roads with a new top speed of 81 mph. This increase not only signifies a substantial leap in performance but also positions the scooter as a direct competitor to the BMW CE 04, known for its dominance in the electric maxi-scooter market.

  • Peak power: From 16 hp to 25.5 hp
  • Top speed: Increased to 81 mph
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The advancements extend beyond mere speed. The Nerva EXE II introduces an enhanced battery system, utilizing the Blade technology from BYD. This upgrade sees the battery capacity rise to 7.83 kWh, translating into an extended range of up to 112 miles on a single charge. Such an improvement not only meets but exceeds the expectations of modern riders, promising longer, uninterrupted journeys.

  • Battery capacity: Enhanced to 7.83 kWh
  • Theoretical range: Up to 112 miles

Charging and technology

Recognizing the importance of convenience in electric mobility, the Nerva EXE II features a 3.3 kW fast charging system, reducing the full charge time to approximately 2 hours and 40 minutes. This leap in charging efficiency ensures that riders can quickly get back on the road, making the scooter an ideal choice for both daily commutes and longer explorations.

In addition to its mechanical prowess, the Nerva EXE II comes equipped with an array of technological advancements. An 8.8-inch OLED dashboard offers riders a crisp, clear view of their scooter’s status, while features like keyless start, ABS, and a remote diagnostic system underline the scooter’s modern, user-friendly design. These features not only enhance the riding experience but also reflect the meticulous attention to detail that has gone into the scooter’s development.

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Market positioning and future prospects

While the pricing details of the Nerva EXE II remain under wraps, the anticipation is building. Given the predecessor’s pricing strategy, the market expects the new model to be positioned competitively. This strategic pricing, coupled with the scooter’s enhanced performance and features, sets the stage for a riveting battle for supremacy in the electric maxi-scooter segment.

The electric vehicle market is witnessing an era of unprecedented innovation, and the Nerva EXE II is a testament to this dynamic evolution. With its improved performance, cutting-edge technology, and commitment to sustainability, the Nerva EXE II is not just a scooter; it’s a bold statement in the move towards a greener future on two wheels.

As the landscape of urban mobility shifts towards more sustainable and efficient alternatives, the Nerva EXE II stands as a beacon of progress. Its launch is a clear signal that the future of transportation is electric, and with companies like Nerva leading the charge, the road ahead looks exceptionally bright.