Revolutionize Your Ride: Electric Three-Wheelers are Charging into the Future!

Discover the latest innovation in sustainable transportation that’s hitting the streets, with a unique three-wheeled twist!

  • Unlocking the potential of electric mobility with a groundbreaking three-wheeled scooter.
  • Dive into the Eccity Model 3, combining eco-friendliness with dynamic performance.
  • Explore how crowdfunding is powering up the future of electric rides.
  • Get ready to transform your urban commute with an electrifying new player in town.

The rise of electric mobility

The landscape of urban commuting is experiencing a seismic shift towards sustainability, and at its forefront is electric mobility. With cities grappling with pollution and congestion, electric vehicles (EVs) offer a breath of fresh air, promising cleaner, quieter, and more efficient travel. Notably, there’s been a significant uptick in the adoption of electric two-wheelers as commuters seek alternatives to traditional gas-guzzling modes of transport.

  • Eco-friendly solution to urban traffic woes
  • Increase in electric vehicle adoption rates
  • Better efficiency and lower maintenance costs
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Eccity Model 3: A game-changer on three wheels

The Eccity Model 3 is poised to revolutionize our streets as a three-wheeled scooter, offering the stability of a trike with the zest of an EV. This French innovation isn’t just turning heads for its unique design; it’s also setting new standards for performance in the electric scooter segment.

  • Innovative three-wheeled design for enhanced stability
  • Electric propulsion delivering peppy city rides
  • Aiming for an attractive price point for wider accessibility

Fueled by dual 5kW motors housed within each rear wheel, this scooter can reach speeds up to 68 mph while boasting a range of approximately 62 miles per charge. With its lithium-ion battery fully recharging in around 3 hours, it caters perfectly to the fast-paced urban lifestyle.

Crowdfunding: Accelerating electric dreams into reality

To bring this project to life, Eccity has embarked on an ambitious crowdfunding campaign through WiSEED. By rallying community support and investment, they aim to raise at least $500,000 by February to kickstart production. Crowdfunding not only empowers innovators like Eccity but also allows individuals to have a stake in shaping greener transportation options.

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  • Leveraging public support via crowdfunding platforms
  • Mobilizing funds for sustainable projects
  • Facilitating community involvement in green initiatives

Joining the green ride revolution

By investing as little as $100 in Eccity’s campaign, backers can contribute towards reducing carbon footprints and paving the way for sustainable urban transit solutions. Moreover, these investments come with tax incentives, sweetening the deal for those looking to support eco-conscious projects financially.