VIDEO | “Blue Dream” @ImEddieSoul @DWebbMusic @itsPatClark

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Peoria, IL doesn’t have much to offer. It is the birth home of my dad so technically it helped spawn me and this site, so I guess that’s something? Eddie Soul is a good singer from there and this is his song and video about how the smallest things in society can affect your train of thought. It features a verse from D WEBB and production from The Cratez, along with a stunning video to boot. Watch it after the break, you won’t be disappointed.

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AUDIO | “Becoming” @Taelor_gray @WesPen_215



Don’t get sad that this is the final installment in the Middle Clash weekly series. Actually, you should be excited that they let you know because most artists just stop without warning. They’re nice enough to let you know AND drop a banger on the last one. Not only that but Taelor Gray and Wes Pendleton have put together a project that includes the six songs, three remixes, and a few instrumentals as well. Stream “Becoming” below and check out the project here.

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AUDIO | “Gang Of Us” @Rich_iCoast @TrayPizzy



New York’s Rich iCoast and Tray Pizzy join forces to make this track, one that sees them both proclaiming that they’re destined to make it in the music industry. The track will be featured on Rich’s iAintTrippin‘ project coming soon. Stream it below and get on the Tray Pizzy bandwagon before it’s too late.

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