AUDIO | “Rest Of Our Life” @MGMuzik



Matt G has already dropped a project this year and is getting ready for a new one to put out later this year. The Burnell Washburn produced “Rest of our Life” serves as the second release from the aforementioned project Trumanity. Matt speaks on it:

“I feel this song is just an anthem for doing what you love to do and living in the moment.”

You can stream/download it after the jump.

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AUDIO | “Deadly” @FiveSteez



I think this is a first. I don’t think I’ve ever posted something from a Jamaican artist until now. Five Steez drops off this track that is his first single from the forthcoming These Kingston Times. The song mixes cuts, break beat elements, boom bap, and dope lyrics to make a track that you can vibe to to kick off the night. Look for the EP soon.

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VIDEO | “Armor” @ArianoMusic



On this alternative sounding track that Ariano produced himself, he tells the story of things happening in life that will “blow you away”. These drastic events are also portrayed in the video as it focuses on a young lady who struggles with the choices of selling herself to afford her life. This one is the second single from Ariano’s Sad Songs Make Me Happy that drops sometime this summer.

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AUDIO | “Dope” @jonezenmusic



We get another one tonight from Jonezen as he’s getting ready for his Beautiful Disaster LP to drop soon. Produced by Will Shine, it has elements with the vocoder on the hook while Jonez raps about the people wanting to hear great music. Look for the album soon with features from Gucci Mane, Jordan Michael, Lauren Ashley, and a few others.

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INTERVIEW | “Who Dat?!” with @Timmaaay_ and @FindAwayChase

Screenshot 2014-07-22 at 9.47.13 PM


In this latest “Who Dat?!” Timmy sits down with Chase and they chop it up about his hiatus between projects. Some other topics discussed include his “Find A Way” moniker, going from soul sampled tracks to bass heavy tracks, his upcoming sophomore album that drops in the fall, and more. Check it out.

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