REVIEW | “FOOD 2” @DapaDon



  • “Get Money” feat. Tray Pizzy
  • “Bossin” feat. JY & Billy Bada$$
  • “Ballad of the Broken”
  • “Riot Music”

As I said in my review for Tray Pizzy’s 50 First Dates, the New York hip-hop scene is one of my favorites to watch develop right now. Long ago are the days where there was a strong NY presence in hip-hop and there for a while that area was heavily influenced by the south. With the artists I’ve been exposed to as of the past year, that has changed. Their sound is becoming something else and they all work together and support each other. Dapa Don is one of these artists you need to listen to when I mention New York’s present hip-hop scene. He delivered a solid FOOD album last year and follows it up with the sequel this year.

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VIDEO | “Smoking L.A.O.D.” @JayComplex


Even though Jay Complex is done releasing singles from his last project, that isn’t stopping him from doing videos to them. “Smoking L.A.O.D.” sees Jay rhyming as he’s on his way to meet up with his lady but the video shows all of the hardships she’s been through with relationships It looks as if Jay won’t do that to her but with “To Be Continued” at the end, you never know. Watch The Bahamian’s latest effort featuring Chase below.

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AUDIO | “Waiting Too Long” @plznigga @acedizzyflow


It’s been quite some time since we’ve heard new music from North Carolina’s J. Draughon. The MC got his health in order, which is understandable, and took his time getting back in the booth. He hits us today with this new track produced by Ace Dizzy Flow that is appropriately titled. You can hear the hunger in his voice as he’s trying to get back to a rhyming state he was in just a few years ago. Stream available after the break.

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MIXTAPE | “Couldn’t Have Done It Without You” @WyattMoser


Tennessee’s Wyatt Moser is a great upcoming artist. The Tennessee native released his last single, “The Chase”, a couple weeks ago and follows it up with the release of his Couldn’t Have Done It Without You mixtape. The project comes with 11 songs as Wyatt evokes emotion and life out of each record with his blend of singing and rapping capturing your attention. Stream available below.

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AUDIO | “At Night” @TokyoTrendz_ @NoleacYahsin


Virginia producer Tokyo Trendz serves up a new single with fellow VA singer Noleac Yahsin titled “At Night”. The production will take you to a quiet place with it’s light bass drums and soft keys being played throughout as Noleac sings about a late night rendezvous . The tempo picks up midway through the song, almost like it’s coming to a climax. Stream this single below.

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