AUDIO | “Doing It Well” @taelor_gray @iamtragichero @sohhpr

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Taelor Gray and Tragic Hero take it back to the days where lyricism mattered on “Doing It Well”. Always fun to hear a song that sticks to the basic roots of hip-hop while also being fun. Kind of reminds me of something that could be played at a house party in the 90’s. Stream/download it after the break.

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VIDEO | “Hold On” @Komodo_Canada



Coming to us from the cold looking Ontario, Canada is Komodo with a track that is sure to make you reflect on your struggles. Komodo talks about his personal experiences and shares that this track is for anyone that believes they are destined for more than a 9-5 job. Track is produced by TheCratez and this is from his The Beast Within project that you can get here. Check the video below.

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VIDEO | “Amethyst” @SolarFive



I love videos that tell a story and Solar Five from Chicago does that on his new “Amethyst” track. Five picked the perfect song to tell a story of love and betrayal as the song is dark with it’s dragging synth lines throughout. The video shows Five and a crew getting ready to pull off a robbery only for it to take an unexpected turn at the end. This one comes from his 88 Soul project, one that was named Mixtape of the Week by Chicago Reader. Check out “Amethyst” below.

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VIDEO | “The Chant” @PStheRebels



It’s always fun to get music from other areas of the country and that’s what we get from East African artists PS The ReBels. The duo is made up of artists Pihon N SamuiLL and their video for “The Chant” is one of the best I’ve watched this year. They take the video game approach for this one and go 1st person shooter where it shows the indigenous rebellion taking on the world police. The song is great as well but the video makes it way better too. Check it out after the break.

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