#JHMF Saturday Selection 2/27/16


We’re almost through winter, the worst season of all time. March starts next week and I expect a lot of summer anthems to begin dropping next month so I’m pretty hype about that. Also next weekend we’ll drop a new #JHMF Top 10 for the best tracks in February so be on the lookout for that and if you missed the first countdown, you can check it out here. Now, let’s get to my favorite tracks from this past week.

“Scuba Tank” -Pragmaddix

If you want fun bars with a fast paced tempo, North Carolina’s Pragmaddix hooked it up this week. They’ll be teaming up with producer Whokairs? for a full project dropping soon.


“Dunning Kruger” -Northwest Division feat. Rittz

These guys out of Vancouver put on one hell of a performance with this video. Not only that, they get a big name in the indie game with Rittz to help them make their point and it’s fire all the way through the song and video.


“Be (To Anyone)” -Goody

He dropped this single this week and the album as well; so far I dig what I’ve heard. Goody talks how he was told he wouldn’t reach 21 on this one and it’s powerful with it’s Brandy sample looping in it too.


“Amy” -Myze

Self-produced and experimental, Myze isn’t talking about a girl on here. He’s talking about liquor and the tone is dark. It’s good to hear him progress with every release he sends.


“Cherish” -Hot Peez

Houston’s Hot Peez shares an important message on his new single and he shows a piece of his life in the video as well. We forget to cherish the small things in life and this serves as a good reminder to do that.


“Cool” -Acapella feat. Vaughn & Nick Varcity

If you’re looking to toe tap and get down, this new one from Acapella, Vaughn, & Nick Varcity is definitely for you. It goes and it’s perfect to vibe out to for tonight.


“Sick” -Breeze Mantana

Mount Vernon’s Breeze Mantana tells a dope story about hustling on his latest single. This has me hype for the New York music scene as each of the indie NY artists are starting to bubble.


“Real Love” -Chulo

Love doesn’t care who you fall for. Love is love and Chulo talks about his definition of real love on his latest single. This is a perfect way to end this post. Spread love and make sure you tell those in your life that you love them.



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