#JHMF Saturday Selection 3/12/16


MAJOR REMINDER ALERT! Set your clock ahead an hour before bed tonight. Don’t want you waking up early for things tomorrow. As usual there were a lot of awesome tracks in the email this week and some I found via the interwebs as well. Here are my favorites from this week.

“Game 101” -Hollywood Floss

Artists rarely ever put other artists on to game and how things work in the industry. Hollywood FLOSS goes against the grain and tries to help out the upcoming artist on his New Dersey Beats single.


“Yellow Brick Road” -Chance Fischer

VA’s Chance Fischer had been quiet for a while until the release of this song this week. If the Tin Man wrote a love song, this Mr. Ivory Snow produced song is what it would sound like.


“Break It Down” -Benz Shelton

The “Trippy Ass White Boi” returned this week and kept things as crazy as he could for his new video.


“The Vent IV” -Wordsmiff

After you hear the Will Smith quote at the beginning of this, you’re in for a treat and an explanation as to why Wordsmiff works so hard. Can A N***a Dream coming soon.


“Trouble” -Ferris Bueller

The story of nothing to something, as told by Ferris Bueller over production from Matcy P. It’s a story from beginning to end and told beautifully.


“Hey Lover 2016” -Kris Tru

Whoever did production on this needs an award for how they chopped the original. Kris Tru gives his take on love and LL’s classic “Hey Lover” on this remake.


“Carried Away” -Baegod

Man, I really hope Baegod and Sbvce get noticed by the masses because their talent is so great together. Her soft vocals blend so well on the soulful beat on this one. I’m looking forward to her next project for sure.




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