#JHMF Saturday Selection 3/26/16


Just a head’s up, new posts won’t go up until late Monday or afternoon Tuesday. I’m on vacation for the next few days and celebrating my anniversary with my girlfriend. I used to be one of those people who said, “I don’t need a day off” but that logic is now dumb to me. We all need a couple days of rest every now; it helps rejuvenate ideas and creativity. So I leave you until then with this week’s favorites that caught my attention and made me nod my head for a while.

“Thank You” -Latasha Alcindor

L.A. came through with a lyrical exercise about realizing your self worth. If you’ve had a long week, you’ll probably relate to this one.


“i’m fine” -Dope Fix Pharmacy

The fellas at Dope Fix create a song that masks feelings. It was an excellent track but once you discover the real meaning of the song it will make you think twice about it.


“89 Jordan” -Pope Adrian Bless

One of the best doing it right now, in my opinion, is Pope Adrian Bless. He gives us a song that sounds like it’s from the trap but tricks us and makes it lyrical. He’s amazing and a blessing to music.


“Money Dance” -Palermo Stone

Palermo Stone released this as a single a couple weeks back and serves the video for his new sound this week. We see him vibing out, bottle of Henny in hand, as he hits his money dance and puts out a good mood song.


“Same Ole” -Feeki

I was just put on to Feeki’s music this week and two things shocked me: he has a mullet and he’s a great lyricist. The video for this is amazing as well and you don’t see creativity like this too often.


“Head To The Sky” -MeRCY feat. see.francis

My man MeRCY gave me the honor of premiering this video from his Prestige 3 project and it’s amazing. Shot in Colombia on a trip, we see MeRCY enjoying the good life in sunshine and blue skies. It also has a solid verse from fellow iLLustrious member see.francis so that makes me like it even more than I already did when I first heard it last year.




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