#JHMF Saturday Selection (On Sunday) 4/2/16


If you didn’t check the announcement yesterday, some things are changing here at JHMF. The site will still function but I’m looking for writers to help as I’m making a move to Orlando & beginning to dabble in the PR business. Read about that here.  This has been a busy week so now many posts but there were some that stuck out to me. And if you didn’t catch the new episode of “Hov’s Lane” I did with Brooklyn’s Dapa Don, you can listen to that here as well. Here are my favorites from this busy week:

“Magnificent” -Don P

Mixing a soulful and southern sound with harmonies, Donnie Houston and Hot Peez team up for a stellar track for their Don P project.


“Brand NEW Bag” -MC Bravado

I’m a big fan of the new “drug rap” that Future and his disciples have ushered in the past few years. While all that’s fun, there are people who struggle with drug issues every day and that’s something that hip-hop doesn’t address too often. MC Bravado does on his latest single this week.


“Eyes Of The Sun” -Sunny D. Light feat. Mick Jenkins

My man Sunny surprised me this week with a collabeoration with one of my new favorite artists in Mick Jenkins. The sinister production is right up his alley and we see life through his eyes on here.


“Light Years (We Are Not)” -Kris Tru feat. Clay James & Don Gold

Kris Tru is about to drop a killer tape this month and this is another release from it. It mixes southern sound with a futuristic tone as Kris, Clay, and Don all speak on haters and those who keep it real on this one.


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