REVIEW | “If I Did An Album With Nick Wiz” @TaiyamoDenku



  • “F**k What U Heard” feat. Urban Legend, Maximus Da Mantis, & Dcypha
  • “Reflect On Yourself”
  • “We Don’t Cry” feat. Mina Fedora

If you’ve ever rapped, you probably at one point had an idea to take production from your favorite producer and rap over it for a project. Look, it’s ok. You don’t have to lie to kick it. I won’t judge you. Milwaukee, WI MC Taiyamo Denku had this thought while listening to beats from New Jersey producer Nick Wiz. From that came the idea to do If I Did An Album With Nick Wiz. Denku took some of his favorite beats from Wiz, put them together, and put out this ten track album.

What you get when you hit play is somewhat of a time portal. IIDAAWNW takes you back to the 90’s instantly, full of beepers, AOL dial up, and boom-bap beats courtesy of Wiz. Denku wastes no time giving us an earful lyrically as “F**k What U Heard” is aggressive and sets the tone for the majority of the project. “Spill Sean P’s ashes like a clumsy pallbearer” are some of the first lines you’ll hear on the project, showing that while he’s a lyrical beast that he also knows how to have fun while paying homage to the late great Sean Price. As I said earlier, this project is straight from the 90’s and that vibe doesn’t change at all; you could almost call it a niche project because of this.

“Smackdown” addresses this as Denku rhymes about being “too 90’s” to be played on the radio today. He weaves this track beautifully, essentially smacking the industry with heavy handed bars while making it entertaining as well (the line about “shaking like Silent Hill nurses” was awesome). He does a good job of keeping the album entertaining, even throwing in a song for the ladies on “Her Name Is Unknown”. The beat, filled with xylophone sounds and a repetitive kick and snare drum loop, details his love for his lady who he calls “perfection”.

Denku is skilled when it comes to the art of rapping. His flow is good and he knows how to work the track to his advantage. The only snag that comes on the project is it can become tiring hearing the same style of songs. This is where the “niche” sound of If I Made An Album With Nick Wiz hurts it. It’s hard to sit through a project that runs from track to track but the style of production doesn’t change much. If you’re into lyrics and that classic style of hip-hop, you’ll definitely enjoy what he did with all of these Nick Wiz beats on the album.

3 out of 5

Purchase If I Did An Album With Nick Wiz Here





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