AUDIO | “Can’t Tell Time” @EshonBurgundy


Philly’s Eshon Burgundy has a lot of new things happening so let me get to them. He’ll be having a new album come out soon. That will be on his new label and brand NFTRY and with the album we get a new single as well. Eshon speaks on his new The Passover album:

…is loosely inspired by “The Passover” of Exodus. The story is a powerful one about God delivering His chosen people, held captive by Pharaoh in Egypt, out of bondage. As they obeyed His commands, they were spared – passed over unharmed by the death angel when it arrived as the finale of God’s 10 plagues. This account in the Bible is about liberation and as a man once confined to the four walls of a public housing community, I share the experience of an oppressed people.

If you’re interested in purchasing clothing from Eshon’s new brand, visit and listen to “Can’t Tell Time” after the break.


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