#JHMF Saturday Selection 4/30/16


Moving this weekend so I decided to get this up and posted before all of that takes place. It’s been another amazing week for music, as the first four months of 2016 have been. Some of my favorite indie artists dropped this week and they all were able to avoid the juggernaut that was Drake’s VIEWS project on Thursday night. While the takes are lava hot on that album after 36 hours, if you’re waiting to give it a full listen like me then you should give these artists a spin below.

“Atom Bomb” -MeRCY feat. see.francis & KoJazZ

If you need a lyrical exercise to get you in the mood for the day, MeRCY, See, and KoJazZ do just that on “Atom Bomb”.


“Mezmerized” -G-Scott

G keeps the push for his Another Weekend In Los Vegas going with one of the standout tracks in video form. This is a personal one for him and the video shows it all.


“DreamShake” -Ab$o The Great feat. Jay Pres

Ab$o & Jay Pres post up on this one and give us 33 pts and 22 rebs with the game winning assist from King Darshhh.


“Caught Up” -Acapella

Acapella turns to the autotune and singing on his latest single from Nobody Cares. The beat is great and he tells a story that many of people can relate to, past or present.


“Repeat” -shynova

I was put on to shynova’s music this week and I love what I heard from this single. It’s funky, he tells a story we can relate to, AND he can rap his ass off as well.


“Money Longer (cover)” -Noleac Yahsin

I’ve never heard a Lil Uzi song but if Noleac Yahsin can cover them all, I’ll probably be a fan. This is such a soulful cover.


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