#JHMF Saturday Selection 5/7/16



Better late than never. But never late is better. This week has been a crazy one so apologies for the tardiness of this weeks favorites. Without further delay, here are some of the best songs that hit my email and were posted to the site for this first week of May in the year of our Future 2016.

“BAOW” -C. Shreve The Professor feat. Mike L!ve

Shreve and company decided to let this crowd favorite at shows loose in MP3 form this week and it was a smart decision. Him and Mike L!ve tear this one apart with the thumping bass hitting you hard with each second.


“Anywhere” -KM

I was put onto KM’s music this week and he’s an awesome artist in the Charlotte area. “Anywhere” is a song that we can all relate to while we follow our dreams and passions that aren’t in our 9-5’s.


“From Here” -Nat Anglin

Nat is known for his lyrical content so for him to drop this party sounding record is out of his comfort zone. He does it flawlessly though over production from WMS The Sultan.


“Better Place” -TOPE

TOPE is never one to disappoint and he gives us the fresh video for his excellent “Better Place” single this week.



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