REVIEW | “100 Roses” @YeahReq



“ Antics”

“Fakes In The Crowd”

“Move That S**t”

“Testimony, My Story” feat. Joe Hova

I don’t know how many more times I have to say it until you hear me or begin to check it out: the New York hip-hop scene is coming back with a bunch of great talent. On the heels of his Suite Life compadre Wordsmiff’s Can A N***a Dream? project, Yeah ReQ dropped his 100 Roses EP. ReQ, formerly ReQ Cartier, has been working on this for some time. If you remember our interview from February, he talked about it there and he still had two more months before it was released. Dropping right before Drizzy and Chance season, ReQ has a lot to say in a short amount of time.

100 Roses comes in around roughly 30 minutes. While that seems like a short amount of time for a somewhat debut project, ReQ doesn’t hold back on here. There are also no guest features on the project, making it even better as we get to see who he is throughout (that last song has clips of our “Hov’s Lane” interview, I just wanted to make the tracklisting, leave me alone). The intro has some kind words from fellow Suite Life member Funny Julius before going into a rapid fire string arrangement and an aggressive ReQ saying “f**k these n***as” repeatedly. Vinny Vegas put it down with the production, allowing ReQ to get his message across with the proper tone to set things off.


The flow shifts from his hip-hop career to his love life with every couple songs. One minute he’s on top of the world and being cherished by fans, the next minute he has a woman tell him that he ain’t s**t on “Antics”. This is the standout single from the project as ReQ knows he’s a lot to handle in a relationship which is why he’s grateful for the woman who’s putting up with him at the moment. This storyline is the basis for the entire project, serving as relatable content that we can relate to on a personal level.


100 Roses’ defining moment is The Beat Plug produced “Fakes In The Crowd”. The into beings with an interview between Ebro from Hot 97 and an artist wanting radio play. Ebro explains to him, albeit venomously, why he’s not getting radio play. From there ReQ goes IN  about fake fans and fake people in general. He even throws a shot at The Source on this record. You can tell he’s tired of being slept on with this track.

While some could say the sequencing of the project sounds off due to the back and forth nature of love life/real life, 100 Roses is a solid project. ReQ took his time on this one, working on it for nearly five years, and he rounds things off with “Testimony, My Story” to tell us how bad he’s hungry for stardom. This song is one of the realest songs you will hear in all of 2016, I can promise you that. If he keeps this hunger going, ReQ is going to have a nice career in this hip-hop thing.

4 out of 5

Listen to 100 Roses Here


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