ALBUM | “Mighty Morphin Cameron Butler” @cameronxbutler


Oh man. Oh man. Oh man. Just the name of this album took me back to 3rd grade. I used to LOATHE whatever was on the TV as soon as I got home from school because I was ready for “Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers” to come on. I was such a big fan I even guilt tripped my aunt into buying me the Red Ranger action figure the same day that she was buying my brother a birthday gift because I was an awful, spoiled kid.

Enough about me and lets talk about Cameron Butler’s newest effort with suprchnk titled Mighty Morphin Cameron Butler (MMCB). The North Carolina MC links with the California producer to give us a full analog sounding project. The production sounds like you’re lost in a dark sewer while Cameron’s vocals are sneaking up on you, letting you know that he’s down there and you’re in his arena. There’s no escaping the haunting sound of his rhymes as gritty as they are and he brings his A game throughout. This is something you should listen to if you need a breath of fresh air in hip-hop right now.


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