AUDIO | “Phases” @TheHomieAlexAff


In life we go through phases. Hell, we go through phases every day. If you have a goal or a dream that you’re trying to accomplish then you have to go through the phases of stardom. First you start out with no one knowing who you are. Then you get a little buzz. Then you build off of that and keep it grinding. The Homie Alex Aff knows about this and addresses it on his latest single.

The North Carolina MC, who produced this one too, recently did a beat a day for a week straight and documented it on his Snapchat. I’m pretty sure I heard this beat on there or heard him recording to this on there at some point. Aff is on the rise and he showcases it on “Phases”. He’s ready to reach the next step of stardom as you can hear the hunger in his lyrics on this one.


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