AUDIO | “Change The Game” @JayBurna @HonorableCNote


Every aspiring artist wants to get in the hip-hop industry and change the game. It’s a feat that many have tried and failed at in life, but that’s ok. The industry isn’t designed for many to succeed so when you see an indie artist rising and bubbling, it’s something that’s nice to see. I’ve been covering music from Florida’s Jay Burna for quite some time, back when the site was under the PrinceJay name, and he’s one of the closest artists to making a name for himself.

Burna returns with Honorable C-Note in tow for production for his new “Change The Game” single. Burna brings melody mixed with motivational lyrics on this single. If you’re up writing late at night, up practicing performing, or even planning on your next move then this single is definitely for you. You can download it off the Soundcloud link if you like it enough.


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