VIDEO | “WMTWTY” @adriversfr


Ask yourself this question: what means the world to you? Is it love? Your family? Money? Cam’ron gave us a terrific song about this nearly two decades ago, sampling The Police’s “Roxanne” for it. Also, if you don’t rap the first verse of “What Means The World To You” once you hear “Roxanne” and the beat drop for it, you and I are not the same. Virginia’s Amir Driver asks this same question in the video for his new “WMTWTY” as well.

Drive samples Cam’ron’s chorus for his own, rapping it himself as he tries to figure out the plot of life and what means the world to him. The video is simple: Driver raps the song on a basketball court as his hoops it up in separate scenes chopping in between. It’s easy to see one of the things that means a lot of Driver in the video is his nephew as he plays ball with him in scenes too. Driver’s Over Everything project is available now.


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