AUDIO | “Hood Samaritan” @EmceeUspire


The Chicago area hasn’t had a real lyrical person in some time. I should say, a lyrical person on the rise as of late. Common still counts as Chicago to me. There have been artists speaking on the violence in the city for some time but none have done it with a lyrical approach for the most part. One of the main issues with violence is how the media skews it sometimes and that’s what Uspire is here to talk about on his latest release.

Taking a track from Pete Rock’s 2005 project Smoking Room Only, Uspire gives us a message laced single. “All bad news, it’s never good” as Uspire tells us a story about a “hood samaritan” and how we’ve never heard of one due to the media. His approach is nice and his story telling is what will keep you entertained on this track. You’ll have to listen to it a couple of times for it to paint the full picture for you.


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