VIDEO | “tumbl[Her]” @BrookyWest @NittyScottMC


Over the course of the past two years we’ve had an explosion of talent come from The Bahamas. There are so many great artists that are beginning to buzz and come into their own that it’s beautiful to see. One artist I’ve been watching for a while is Brooklyn West. This talented Bahamian has switched her style up, going with more singing than rapping, and is on her way to getting noticed very soon. “tumbl[HER]” was released last year as a single with Nitty Scott, MC and we finally get the video treatment for it.

West tweeted earlier that this video had to be re-shot on a trip to LA earlier this year as her footage from the original was lost. Luckily the footage with Nitty Scott was saved as that was part of the Atlanta shoot. The premise for this has West day dreaming about a fine girl she’s seen while scrolling down her Tumblr page. That girl happens to be Nitty. Things get fun towards the end as West has been searching for her for some time and finally gets her. Produced by Rambo, this will get the people going.


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