AUDIO | “Scared” @JarrenBenton @OnCue @BigRube


Fear is a mother. It’s ok to be scared though. Scared of your future. Scared of what awaits you. Scared of being the best you can be. These are all things that you think about for your future and it can be petrifying. Sometimes the worst place to be is inside of your head and that’s why Jarren Benton opens it up and lets us in to see what he’s “Scared” of today.

Produced by The Coalition, Benton teams up with OnCue for the hook and some wise words from Dungeon Family’s own Big Rube. Benton opens up fully on this one, telling us everything that scares him ranging from his wife leaving him, raising his kids, and even his career. If you’re feeling scared about something right now, just listen to this. I hope you’ll find solace in knowing that it’s ok to be scared from time to time.


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