AUDIO | “Stairway To Heaven” @TheHomieAlexAff


I think one of the things that indie hip-hop is missing is story telling. There are some artists that can do it really well but the majority of indie artists are telling me how much money they make to blow at the club when they’re really asking for free beats. North Carolina has been known to give us lyrical hip-hop, everything from Little Brother to J.Cole and even indie artists like C. Shreve The Professor and Mallz. Go ahead and throw Alex Aff into that list of story telling/lyrical hip-hop to be reckoned with from the Tar Heel state.

Aff produced this one and he tells us about his goal for this music career. He wants to make all of the money while also looking to stay out of the system. He also addresses the lingering issue of cops killing African-Americans while trying to make it just in life. The beat is haunting and fits the vibe of this song so well. I think Alex is one of the more talented MC’s out today and I think a track like this one will get people to start noticing him for his skills now.


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