VIDEO | “Winning” @CharlesJenkins7


Remember when Charlie Sheen had everyone saying “winning” a couple years ago? That was a fun time for a whole month. There have been plenty of times that you felt like you weren’t winning and wanted to give up. Be honest. Life is hard, work is hard, and the grind to make something out of nothing is even harder than both of those things. St. Petersberg native and current Chicago resident Charles Jenkins tries to motivate us to get in the winning spirit with his latest single appropriately titled “Winning”.

Jenkins is no newbie to the scene though; he’s hit #1 on the Gospel Billboard charts with past songs and this one sounds like it could be floating that way as well. Teaming up with Warren Campbell, who has worked with Kanye, R. Kelly, and more, Jenkins gives us hope and inspiration to make it. This song is such a positive track that it will make you think of things that you say you can’t do and actually want to accomplish them. Follow along to the lyrics with this fun lyric video too.


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