AUDIO | “3200 East Freestyle” @adrianblessktda


It always brings joy to my heart when I see some of my favorite artists dropping new music. It makes me even happier when they send it to my email to ask my thoughts on it before it drops. I’ve known Pope Adrian Bless for a few years now and he never ceases to amaze me. His progress in this short amount of time is incredible and a name you need to keep an eye on. He isn’t dropping new music from his upcoming project yet but to hold fans like myself over until then, he hits us with a rough freestyle.

Pope was recently tasked with going to Sioux Falls, IA to perform and decided to hit us with this one. He flexes his lyrical muscle and tells us a story in only ways that he can. His cadence and flow are updated from his usual sound on this one so that should get you excited for his upcoming music. “My first words were Pac lyrics from ‘Hit Em Up’/I gotta pick up his legacy he ain’t did enough” he rhymes early on, setting the tone for this one throughout the less than three minute record.


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