VIDEO | “Goonies” @ShiseFoe @HaddyRacks @Ron_G_Foe


If you’ve never watched The Goonies before then you need to leave this site. I’m not joking either. How DARE you never witness Sloth & Chunk becoming best of friends in the 80’s?! Goonies serves a different meaning for what we’re talking about today but the sample from the movie will make you think of it. On the news you’ve been seeing lots of peaceful protests that have become unpeaceful due to instigators & police coming to bother. The peaceful protest is the basis for the video for this new single from New York’s Shise Foe.

This record is outstanding in a couple of ways. It’s a semi-political record as we hear a lot of lyrics from Shise and featured artists Haddy Racks Ron G about the climate of life for black people in 2016. It’s also a street record because of how gruff the lyrical content comes across with the flows. This track comes from Shise’s solo debut titled Trafikka and you can watch the video for yourself here. BABY…ROOOTH!


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