#JHMF Saturday Selection 8/6/16


Man, I’m so happy that football is back this weekend. Even though it’s a pre-season game that we’ll see like three starters, it’s still nice to know that in a month we’ll all be lazy on Saturday’s & Sunday’s together. This week was pretty damn good for your boy. I was featured on SheBloggin’s “Tastemaker Tuesday’s” series and even included in Taste Creator’s “Tasty Tuesday’s” write up. Word is spreading and I’m happy to be noticed by some of my peers and colleague’s with this writing stuff. With that said, I wanted to highlight those who I thought had dope tracks that I posted this week. Let’s get into it.

All of the songs on the playlist this week range from a diverse crowd of topics. You have the likes of Chicago’s Fairplay flipping Hozier’s “Take Me To Church” to talk police brutality and killings and then you also have Shi$e Foe teaming up with Haddy Racks & Ron G to cover this topic as well. Then you have a turn up track from Corey Lee on “Stunt Now” while Kris Tru tells us about his “Big Dreams”. Finally there’s some R&B flavor from Baegod on “Seashells” while Tremaine Morgan tells his lady “20 Ways” he wants to please her. Give the playlist a spin and tell me what you think.


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