VIDEO | “MHussle” @HGMonsterES


The Olympics are here and that means for a couple of weeks we’ll all be fake caring about swimming and fencing and archery and plenty of other “sports” that people play. Not I though. After I heard that guy broke his leg and it was gruesome over the weekend I’m keeping far away from watching any of the Olympics that isn’t basketball. Many people feel a sense of pride and want to cheer on their country during the Olympics which I think is great. Then you have people like Ontario artist Es who make songs in support of their homeland.

“Mhussle” is a track that serves as a sense of pride and encouragement for the Canadian Olympic team. This one is for the people who were up all night thinking about their dream and working on it day in and day out to make it to a place where very few people have ever made it. While the video is just a bunch of motivating athletic clips put together, the song gives you a sense of pride for your own home country and will even give you some motivation to reach the goals that you’re working towards. Hustle works when muscle won’t.


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