AUDIO | “New Obsession” @Nomad_Nate @DannyBoySmooth @westendsound


Obsession is something that’s interesting. It’s one of those things that you don’t realize you have even though everyone is obsessed with something. For yours truly it’s music and sports; I used to be able to tell you random stats at the drop of a hat. I also have this weird thing where I know what year a lot of songs were released in the past. Don’t ask, my old boss and I did this in his office one day and I found out how much of a weirdo I was that day. Anyway, we all have obsessions and Nomad and Dan Boy Smooth tell us thiers on the Westend produced “New Obsession”.

The production sounds like new age trap as the keys play softly with rapid hi-hats and drums pounding behind it. Money and women seem to be the main things the duo are obsessed with on this one as Nomad takes the auto-tune approach on the hook to help create a different melody from the beat with his own voice. This will be the last single from Nomad’s upcoming To Whom It May Concern which is dropping this fall.


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