AUDIO | “Brujeria” @Just_Bishop


Relationships are tricky in the age of social media. Hell, relationships are hard in general. Nothing comes easy and it’s work but if you really love the person you’re with then it’s worth the effort. Sometimes you have to do things just to see your significant other smile and sometimes you have to swallow your pride for their happiness as well. Relationships are one of the main things that artists talk about because it’s something that they can use to express their feelings and what’s going on in their head. Bishop has a somber tale for us this evening with his new single, “Brujeria”.

“What’s love to the heartless/what’s light without the darkness” Bishop sings on the hook, showing that this song is going to be about pain and the falling out of a relationship. The iLLustrious member goes in-depth about what sounds like a bitter ending to a love story that he experienced. “Kept it a hundred thinking that’s what we’re supposed to do/ignoring all the signs because but only cause you told me too” he spits towards the end of the first verse, showing that he was being played in the long run. The Majid Jordan sample helps set the tone for this one, produced by Stephen Niday. If you’re going through it, you’ll have this one on repeat for a while. Just make sure to get out of the house at some point this weekend and not eat that whole carton of ice cream.


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