AUDIO | “U&I” @GinoTheGhost @wxve


On Twitter a little bit earlier I was speaking on how Jeezy came through and changed the landscape of hip-hop with Thug Motivation 101. From that point on we were exposed to the trap rap genre and everybody wanted Shawty Redd and Drumma Boi beats with thumping 808’s and rapid-fire hi-hats. Hip-hop does this about every decade or so where the sound changes and artists begin doing something different. The popular trend lately has been to harmonize, a la Young Thug. While many try, only few succeed at pulling it off. Today, Gino is one of those who has done it successfully with his new “U&I” record.

The former Detroit native and current LA resident hasn’t been releasing music as frequently as he has in the past but his quality has went up with each release this year. wxve handles the production on this one, an ambient record that is also filled with tempo when the hook kicks in. Gino sing/raps about him and his lady doing everything from laying together to grinding together. Don’t worry, he doesn’t go fully away from his hip-hop roots as he spits a stellar verse towards the end before the hook kicks back in. Check it out below and comment with your thoughts. For more from Gino and some hilarious stories, follow him on Snapchat and Instagram.


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