ALBUM | “Viberayshuns” @HennyLDot @BANYRecords


I’ve been getting to hear a lot of great music lately. I mentioned that I’ve been going quality over quantity recently and I think that has helped pay off with finding so much good music as well. Virginia isn’t lame when it comes to music and Henny L.O. is proof of that. The BANY Records and Mutant Academy member has released his second album this month with 12 new tracks for us to digest with lyrics, smooth beats, and a chilled out vibe.

This one reminds me of a Curren$y project with how smooth it plays from front to back. There’s nothing too heavy production wise and this one sounds like Henny took his time to craft a style and sound that could be his own lane at some point. He speaks on the stresses of life among other topics that are happening for him at the moment with this album. Take a dive into some classic sounding hip-hop and enjoy. If you like it enough, you can purchase on iTunes & other digital retailers.


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