VIDEO | “Winning” @CharlesJenkins7


Following up a #1 Billboard song can be difficult. Once a song starts its rise to the top a lot of artists drop the video to help it out. Then there are other artists that will let the song ride it’s wave then when you think it’s done, they’ll drop a cool video to help bring it back to life. Charles Jenkins already hit #1 on Billboard with a different song and his “Winning” one is continuing to rise; perfect time to release the video for “Winning” if you ask me.

The uplifting and positive message in “Winning” continues with the video this evening. Jenkins looks as if he’s enjoying life in Chicago and takes us on a journey through some of its neighborhoods. He shows us positivity, laughter, happiness, and more as “Winning” becomes the soundtrack for this journey. It will be hard not to nod your head along to this one as you’re watching it.


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