AUDIO | “Comic Book Issues” @ZaveyOutLoud @ImBCHuh


The comic book resurgence has made my heart smile so much the last few years. I decided to start my collection again, at the age of 29, because I’m an adult and my bills are all paid on time. While DC continues to let us down in theaters, Marvel has built an empire. Marvel is almost like Bad Boy in the 90’s where it’s damn near untouchable. I got sidetracked and nerdy when I saw the title because Zavey doesn’t even rhyme about comic books or characters on his new B.C. produced track.

Zavey is an excellent wordsmith and shows it once again on this one. His flow never fails as it’s smooth like butter. He’s able to make his words glide through the knocking drums like a paper airplane that has caught a big gust of wind and began reaching new heights. While this one doesn’t talk about comic characters per say, Zavey uses it to boast and brag about himself. Think of it as his cover letter if you’ve never heard his music before. Take a listen to him below.



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