AUDIO | “Automatic” @Alex_Wiley @mickjenkins


As you know, I champion for the Chicago music scene. It’s one of my favorites ever. I remember loving being put onto Twista as a teen with “Slow Jamz” and going to buy Kamikaze not long after. I remember falling in love with Kanye’s production and going to get The College Dropout the day that it came out. Before that my co-workers at the PIzza Hut I worked at put me onto Do or Die which reminds me that I need to go back and revisit some of their music since it’s been a while. Chicago has passed the torch since then but it’s in great hands with artists like Chance The RapperMick Jenkins, and Alex Wiley among others.

Wiley has developed a loyal fanbase on the Twitter machine over the last couple of years and Mick Jenkins is easily one of my new favorite artists. Their styles combine well for “Automatic”. The up-tempo beat, produced by Mike Gao, sees Wiley championing himself getting paid and doing it like it’s nothing. Jenkins comes in with a stellar verse on the second half as well. Getting to the dream and making money are the selling points of this track so if you’re a dream chaser or a money chaser you’ll find joy with this song the two Chicago artists put together.


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