VIDEO | “Break Bread” @Zoolay


We all have a dream of not working for anyone but ourselves. I’ve had this dream for quite some time and I’m getting closer to it. The day I can employ myself and wear sweats and a basketball jersey to my office (see: bedroom desk) will be a grand one. Until then, I’ll moonlight with the blog and keep putting you on to dope gems like this new one from Los Angeles duo ZOOLAY.

Money is an important factor in our lives and that’s what ZOOLAY are here to discuss on “Break Bread”. This is their first single from the newly released UNDENIABLE project and it hits. Produced by Dibia$e, we hear the duo tell us about making money off of their favorite craft. You’ll nod your head as they spit about getting dollars, making it a fun listening experience with their charisma and witty lyrics. The video for “Break Bread” shows the duo both working day jobs before throwing in the towel and hitting the road to chase their dream. Give them a spin below and get motivated in the process.


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