#JHMF Saturday Selection 9/3/16


This is probably the best time of year. College football has returned this weekend and we are not without upsets either. This is just the teaser though. We have professional football games starting this Thursday night and my body is so ready right now. Some awesome stuff happened on the site this week too so let me tell you about that with my new Saturday Selection playlist.

This week I had the honor of premiering Adam Reverie’s Soul Ties EP a day before it was released. The six tracks are empowering and Rev speaks on his personal life, using sex for pleasure and not knowing who he was when he was younger. I picked the title track for the playlist this week because it’s a great example of what the EP represents. Things take a darker turn with TruthCity and his new “The Family” single as he tells us about who he’s staying true to in his circle. Louisville’s Amore King dropped his “In The Moment” party record earlier this year but he hooked us up with a video for it and it’s pretty good but it comes in second this week to Mick Jenkins’ “Drowning” video. Finally, Kris Tru tells us about his soulful player ways on “Outside” while Sunny D. Light keeps experimenting with new sounds on “Top Down”. This week was a great way to kick of September and it has me excited for what’s to come for the rest of the month.


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