VIDEO | “Black Magic” @MustBeCinco @This_Knee_Diaz


Love will make you do some crazy things. If you’ve ever been in love you know this and you can relate to it. There are people you’ll come across that you feel like they have some sort of hold over you. No matter what you do, you can’t shake them and it feels like they’ve cast a spell on your to make you their’s. Milwaukee artists Joe Quinto and Miguel Diaz tell us this story with an alternative sound and a creepy video with “Black Magic”.

The song has hip-hop elements but ultimately sounds like it was created as a skeleton rock song. Joe and Miguel tell us about a woman who has “that voodoo” on them and what that type of spell is like. The video shows the two captured by a tribe that are casting spells on them. Turns out, that’s just a dream as the two are really just hooked up to wires to feel alive at the end of the video. The song concept is cool, the sound is awesome, and they made a creative video to help bring it all home as well. Check it out and add something different to your rotation this week.


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