AUDIO | “Prevail” @NomisHipHop @PropHipHop


I went to a social media conference for my new gig recently and one of the things I took away from it was this: you have nine seconds to grab someone’s attention before they tune your message out. Content is everywhere these days and if you’re not catching someone’s ear from the jump, you’ve lost them. With that content, I would estimate that 75% of it is negative. People don’t celebrate positive things and would rather talk about the negative things they don’t like. This has to change and NomiS knows that. He addresses it with his latest single, “Prevail” featuring Propaganda.

The first thing we need to do to get people to celebrate the positive things in life is to change our thinking. You have to love your neighbor like you do yourself instead of finding the things they have that you don’t and getting angry. This song is one of the most positive tracks I’ve heard this year and it’s a very simple song. Production wise it’s fueled by strings and a piano melody as NomiS and Prop tell us how we can be more positive in our lives.


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