AUDIO | “DAT WAV” @JamesGardin


As an artist with a message, sometimes that message can get lost in the production or fall on deaf ears from time to time. People only give you nine seconds of time before moving on to something else if it doesn’t captivate them. Then they might not be listening because of the production or they’re listening while doing five other things. That message you put out may not be heard by a person who’s listened to your music for weeks or even months before one day it clicks. James Gardin is making it easier for you to hear his faith and art with this mini project titled DAT WAVE.

Gardin gives us a song full of great lyrical content and production from Nor’ Ledges, one that sees him feeling himself and praising his Lord throughout. As a bonus there’s a devotional as a second track over the same production. On this part Gardin reads scripture and spreads the gospel as he reflects on life and his position right now. Give this a listen below and you may learn something about yourself.


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