AUDIO | “Ringtone” @CoreyLee610 @Mohlz


OH MY GAWD IPHONE SEVEEENNNNNNNNNN!! I don’t know why I’m hype about the iPhone announcement because I don’t get an upgrade until next summer because I’m a broke boi. Between the iPhone 7, iOS 10 update, and the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 exploding and being recalled, it has been a busy couple of weeks for phone wars. Let’s relax and have some fun with this new one from Corey Lee that’s dedicated to the ringtone era of having a song for your significant other on “Ringtone”.

The Mohlz produced cut resembles a phone ringing with it’s production, sounding like an updated version of the standard iPhone default ringtone. Corey uses his usual flow before breaking it down and he harmonizes on the hook a little bit too. There’s nothing complex about this one and it may even remind you of the Soulja Boy and Trey Songz “LOL :)” record from a few years back although this is the opposite of that. Corey raps about not having time for a phone conversation anymore and at the rate he’s going this year, that may be true for him in 2017.


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