AUDIO | “Make Me Legend” @RealChadMichael @KaanLifeMusic


We take life for granted. We’re so focused on all of the things that don’t matter, like reality TV and social media likes, that we forget to do things that are building towards a legacy. My ultimate goal in life is to have a street named after me that way kids in my hometown can be like, “who the hell is that old douchebag?” like I used to say about all of the people my streets were named after in Terre Haute, IN. What does make someone a legend? Chad Michael and K.A.A.N. tackle this subject on “Make Me Legend” this week.

The bass thumps on this one as CM does the singing and K.A.A.N. gives us a rapid fire verse at the end. Produced by d. boy, the synths are sinister and makes it feel as if this song was made for taking over the world. Chad is on a mission to cement his legacy as a force in this music industry, hence “I ain’t never getting older” being sung on the hook. While the song sounds good, it makes you think about your legacy and what you’ll leave on this Earth once you’re gone. Are you working towards something that will make people remember you? Ask yourself that the next time you do something and see what you think.


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